To My Love: An Open Letter To Fibromyalgia

May is Fibromyalgia awareness month.

Fibromyalgia is a long-lasting chronic illness that causes muscle pain and tenderness throughout the body. 

This is a special month for us because of Strut’s Impact manager. Shawnta is living with Fibromyalgia. Prior to her diagnosis, we had no idea what it was and how it would affect her. Or actually, how it would affect us. However, disorders of this magnitude have an effect on loved ones as well. A few years back – Shawnta wrote an open letter to Fibromyalgia – and in honor of others painfully living with it, we wanted to share.


Dear Fibromyalgia,

Although 90% of the time we have a love-hate…. more hate relationship, I want to thank you. I am the woman I am today because of the relationship between you and me.

I want to first thank you for your unwarranted presence in my life. That alone taught me how to adjust and adapt to things, events, or situations that I encounter with no warning. Thank you for the pain, the mild, the severe, and especially the excruciating pain. Through this, I’ve learned the limits of my mind, my body, and my spirit. So, I know just how far I can push and stretch myself. The pain has definitely pushed me to grow spiritually. Some days, praying and talking to God is the only thing that gets me through, removes my weak moments, and keeps me from losing it ( although I’ve sometimes come pretty close). 

You’ve broken me down physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, if you hadn’t – I would not be the STRONG WARRIOR THAT I AM TODAY. Most days, I don’t even know where I pull the strength to even function, but I do it.

I now have the strength to accept that not every day will be a great one, but it’s still a day. That was kind of hard when we were first introduced. But, as time went on and our relationship progressed, I learned some of your pros and cons and how to handle them. Now, I have the strength to be content on my crappy days and not let them tear down my mind, but most importantly, I have the strength to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY WITH YOU!!!

Last but not least, I thank you for CHOOSING ME! Although this has been one hell of a storm for me, I wouldn’t trade you for anything.  Greatness is developed in discomfort, and Lord knows everything about you – makes me uncomfortable. But God always gives me a lifeline. He knew my heart and my spirit was going to need a small piece of heaven on earth through all the hell I was getting ready to face, So I owe that to you. I’m more focused on things that matter.

I’m looking forward to this next chapter… I still hate you most days but my heart is so much more pure, free, and calm because of you, so thank you!