Women Doing the Damn Thing: Mikayla Makle lands a HUGE position in the BIG APPLE! 

It’s never easy navigating through adversities – especially in the workplace. When it comes to negotiating pay raises, ethnic hair in the workplace, and micro-aggressions – we need to TALK about it. So, here we are. 

Meet Corporate Bae, Mikayla Makle – she has a lot to say about her 9-5 life…

JH: What excites you about this new position?

MM: My new position allows me to develop a more consistent and effective approach to communicating and facilitating the multiple necessities throughout my workday. My work environment allows me to work independently; however, I have a wonderful team with extensive knowledge in other areas. I learn from them and implement new strategies to improve our corporate space’s goals.

JH: You recently relocated from Washington State to New York City; how are you adjusting to the change?

MM: Residing in Washington State for undergraduate studies gave me a lot of time to see my strengths and weaknesses. I was given more time to make mistakes because my area was not as fast-paced and populated. 

New York City is just as I imagined, in a good way, of course. However, here I am challenged with ensuring that my levels of efficiency remain consistent.

The work environments differ because of pace, but both spaces are similar in their approach that you are not your job, and you should have time to do other things, at least in my experience.

JH:  How should we tackle overcoming adversities?

MM: As people of color, general disparities can cause a lack of security in the corporate world. From micro-aggressions to feeling undervalued, many people of color face the challenge of diminishing their personhood to fit into the overwhelming need to achieve minimal success compared to their peers.

The way that we can tackle overcoming these barriers is to create community amongst ourselves and figure out ways to focus our efforts on building a sense of belonging. Additionally, we should create opportunities for people of color to express their views, concerns, and ideas confidently.

JH: Oh, that’s good – now let’s talk about balance. How do you balance your personal endeavors and your professional life? 

MM: As an artist of various mediums, I like to ensure that I can still create pieces that not only resonate with my ideologies but are also filled with inspiration. I sometimes find it difficult to set aside time to do personal projects as I navigate the corporate world for the first time. However, my career path has allowed me to see inspiration daily. I am surrounded by creativity in my professional and personal life, so it is easy to develop ideas and creative insights for my future personal projects. 

JH: Share your morning routine with us! What prepares you to conquer workdays?

MM: I work from home most days but implement self-care every morning as I refuse to have bad skin under fluorescent lighting. I also always eat a good breakfast or won’t have a good day. Sustenance is necessary for a clear mind and frees the energy of active imagination. On the mornings when I need to commute, I put together my playlist for public transportation and plan out my schedule for the day. 

JH: What advice would you like to share with fellow “corporate baddies?”

MM: My advice would be that everything you desire is an affirmation of quality, continue to want it for yourself and not for the sake of another entity or group.

JH: * Slams laptop till Monday* what do your weekends consist of? 

MM: Oddly enough, I look forward to cleaning my house and going grocery shopping. This sounds so “adult-ish,” but I love when my personal space is clean. I also like when I have the opportunity to try new recipes that I see on the food network. I tend to hang out with my friends after work during the week, so I enjoy decompressing and relaxing on the weekend!

Well, there you have it, folks! Mikayla’s day-to-day operations at her 9-5 living in NYC. I took a note from her to decompress on the weekends. And especially loved how detailed she was with her morning routine!

If you on anyone else has a story to tell about their work environment, I would love to have a conversation with you taking submissions

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