Blessings on Blessings: 10 Things to be Grateful For

Gratitude possesses the transformative ability to infuse our lives with daily joy. Despite the heart-wrenching challenges that some have faced this year – loss of relationships, the battle against depression, enduring grief, and financial struggles – finding something to be grateful for remains a poignant pursuit.

Take Notes. On this Thanksgiving day, consider these ten blessings to cultivate gratitude – in spite of any storm you are currently going through.


  1. Health – Cherish and appreciate the well-being that allows you to navigate life.
  2. Friends, Family & Connections – Embrace the blessing of caring family, friends, or colleagues who stand by you and support you..
  3. Home – Acknowledge the privilege of shelter, a warm bed, and a comforting place to call your own.
  4. Nature’s Beauty – Find solace in the beauty of the natural world. Take a moment to marvel in it.
  5. Food – Be thankful for the access to nourishing food, appreciating those who make it possible.
  6. Education – Appreciate your opportunity to learn and grow, whether through formal education or self-discovery.
  7. Technology – Express gratitude for the tools and devices that simplify and connect our lives.
  8. Freedom – Appreciate the freedom to express your thoughts and beliefs.
  9. Creativity – Acknowledge your gift of creativity, embracing the opportunity to share it with the world.
  10. Opportunities – Be grateful for life’s myriad opportunities, each a chance to learn, evolve, and thrive.