About STRUT.

A mantra. A movement. We Keep Struttin.’

We, as in all of us unapologetically bold and vibrant women who stand firmly in our values and have the innate power to realize our dreams, take up space, elevate our voice and use our story to drive impact, uplift and change.

Serving as the elevator of mindful conversation and safe space for persevering women, Strut in HER Shoes helps women rise to the occasion of self-empowerment through our holistic spectrum of womanhood lifestyle coverage and connection. Dedicated to women’s excellence, abundance and authentic journeys to peace and fulfillment, Strut in HER Shoes is the evolving celebration and reminder of all that she may be on her own and all that we are collectively: Women who “Keep Struttin.”

our beliefs.

We believe that the storms we, as women, encounter is not the end…. but it’s the beginning of something greater coming. With faith, and God’s mercy, grace, and favor, we WILL prevail, together.

our purpose.

Our purpose is to encourage and inspire women in Christ to heal by releasing the pain of their past through sharing their own stories, journey and thoughts, in result encouraging the next woman to turn their mess into their message.

our favorite quote.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you”, originally spoken by Maya Angelou.