It’s Storytime. In 2014, Strut in HER Shoes was started as a platform for persevering women to share their stories, journey and thoughts. For years, we have been amplifying women’s voices, particularly those in the black community, allowing them to express the challenges they’ve conquered. Along the way, we organized monthly Strut Meet Ups, facilitated conferences such as Living Unashamed, introduced a podcast, and partnered with female entrepreneurs.


Between 2020 and 2021, following a year of introspection about the future of Strut, we aimed to transform our digital platform into something tangible—a space not only experienced at events but within the comfort of your home. As a result, we fulfilled one of my personal dreams: the launch of Strut Magazine.

Yes! A whole magazine. Within a year of launching, we received an offer from a publishing company to invest and I just knew we were about to be Essence 2.0. Talk about a DREAM. Well, then we got ghosted.

Whew, Defeated.

Running a magazine is undoubtedly enjoyable. However, the significant financial investment required to do it properly put us in a challenging position, making it difficult to release editions on schedule. Applied for grants on grants on grants. No response, EVER.

Defeated, again,

Once more, I find myself trying to determine a space… our mission. I discussed this with the dedicated team who stood by me, and we came to one realization. We adored the magazine. We adored the events. Yet, above all, we cherished the impact. The significance of acknowledging single mothers. The influence of our Shoe Drives. The impact and joy reflected on women’s faces when we orchestrate a shopping experience at the shelter accompanied by a brunch for Mother’s Day.


So, in 2023 – we discovered what was next for Strut in HER Shoes. The podcast remains, The magazine will be published. The events will continue.

But, the leading force is empowering and advocating for girls and women of color – beyond words.

With that, Welcome to the New Era of Strut in HER Shoes.

Strut in HER Shoes is committed to championing the self-empowerment of girls and women of color, cultivating a world where they can thrive, succeed, and make a lasting impact in society. Through our holistic spectrum of womanhood lifestyle coverage, we prioritize education, mentorship, and advocacy that address the specific needs and experiences of girls and women of color.

By fostering a community of support and amplifying their voices, Strut in HER Shoes envisions a future where every girl and woman of color can confidently strut towards their dreams, breaking barriers and shaping a more empowered world.