I’m Scared to Start My Dream

“Failure is a feeling long before it’s an actual result.” ⠀

@michelleobama ⠀

I’ve been in a long term toxic relationship with fear for years and I’m proud to say I’m officially done! All because I changed my mindset and took my power back. I’m moving full speed into my dreams and goals and you can, too! The world is waiting for you to start.

It’s okay to be scared. It’s not okay to let it stop you.

Watch Part 1 of this three part series “Start Scared” to help anyone who has been stopped, paralyzed, and bullied by fear.

About the Author:

I’m Shanacee (Shawn-ah-See) and I share videos that help amazing beauties like YOU Dare to Live, Be, and Do! What does that mean exactly? I’m that friend in your head that’ll tell you the truth, push you, but also give real advice you need to live the joyful, happy, and healthy life you deserve! Let me say that AGAIN…YOU DESERVE IT so STOP doubting and Let’s Get It! More About Me: My BIGGEST passion is to help women find their value and motivation to win! I know what it’s like to let fear, lack of confidence, laziness, and excuses delay your progress. I’m proud to say I’ve overcome many of the things that used to hold me back and it’s liberating to be able to share my lessons and wisdom with you.

  • Cheers to my success so far:
  • becoming a new wife
  • grad degree
  • documentary & films creator
  • producing a national tv show
  • winning major pageants owning my own business

There’s so much more life ahead for me and you. Let’s dare to Live, Be & Do!

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