Mish Uncorked: A New Wine Experience for Black Millennial Women

Misha Byrd is an emerging wine enthusiast from Detroit, MI, and the owner of Mish Uncorked. Like most people, Misha started as a curious spirit, allowing her to gain an early footing in wine tasting.

“I used to drink the various wines that were available to me, such as Barefoot, Yellow Tail, and Gallo, but once I discovered all of the different varieties of wines, blends, and the education behind them, I wanted to dive deeper,” Misha said.

Misha’s inquisitive nature toward wine prompted her to start Mish Uncorked, a platform dedicated to helping black millennials discover new wines through education, wine tastings, meet-ups, event opportunities, etc.

“Mish Uncorked is becoming more than just a platform for my own wine experiences. Less than 1% of the wine industry is black, so now, my vision includes building a space for black millennials within the Metro Detroit wine industry.”

As a rising expert in wine, Misha has a few pairing ideas for those looking to take their favorite meals to the next level. 

“To keep things relatively simple, you should pair red wines with meats such as steaks, stews, and roast. You can pair white wines with crisp salads, fish, and chicken.”

Misha wants to continue producing quality content for Mish Uncorked while expanding her wine industry knowledge. 

“My goal is to take the WSET 1, which is the first level of wine certification. I’d also love to partner with wine brands and bars while creating opportunities in the wine space for black people.”

“If I can shake up the wine scene here where we feel comfortable and knowledgeable entering wine spaces not necessarily created for us, then Mish Uncorked has done its job,” – Misha Byrd.