6 Signs You Are Healing

We’re all about owning your life’s journey and doing what it takes to strut in your purpose. Healing is included within that journey since we have so many areas of life we deal with on a daily. Below, we have 6 signs you are healing to give yourself some grace, space, and encouragement to keep going. Read the post for more information.

6 Healing Signs

You have more good days than bad. 

“Count it all joy, even when it seems hard to.”

Every day will not be perfect or sometimes even good, which is why it’s okay to have and embrace bad days. Bad days are for you to embrace your feelings (if you’ve been neglecting them) and to take the rest you need. Take inventory of why it’s bad and find ways to avoid them as much as possible moving forward.

You give yourself space and grace. 

Space and grace – it’s so important to add this to your life, at least weekly. Space is for taking time to be alone, listen to your thoughts, and just be without distractions, like social media scrolling. Grace is forgiving yourself for the not-so-great things and finding a way to do and be better. Both play a significant role in healing and important to implement early on.

You have healthy boundaries. 

We all need boundaries, period. Boundaries help us to understand the things we want to do and don’t want to do. It helps to determine boundary lines for you and others, including family, friends, work, romantic relationships, etc. Establishing this helps you to feel more rested, in-charge, and decisive about what you want for your life.

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You nourish your mind.

Nourishing your mind is similar to how you nourish your body. If you eat healthy foods, you feel good; if you eat “trash” foods, then you will not feel the greatest. Nourishing your mind is the same way. Viewing negative things can fuel negativity in your mind, thoughts, and soul. Find things to make you fulfilled and good.

You honor your emotions.

Happy, joy, grateful, angry, mad, envious, etc? It’s okay for you to feel multiple emotions in one day and for you to feel them through. Acknowledging, feeling, and letting go will all a part of how you honor your emotions. If you’re doing this, keep going!

You speak kindly to yourself.

Lastly, you’ve changed the way you speak to and about yourself. Positive self-talk and affirmations are second nature now, and you see the differences because of this change. Keep going, sis! Life and death are in the power of the tongue, so use your words to bring life and positivity every day.

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