8 Signs you’re feeling a bit insecure in Business.

We Strut. Strut in life. Strut in Business. Our good sis Britney Jeanine, is the ultimate Biz coach and Pivot Strategist. Britney helps established [yet transitioning] entrepreneurs confidently plan their pivot without compromising their coins and credibility. We caught up with her on Instagram to see if she would share some business gems!

Just like we talked about distractions in business, there’s another elephant in the room that can block you from building your business effectively. Your insecurities. Yep, insecurities don’t only exist in relationships, they can show up in business too.

Brittney shared 8 Signs you’re feeling a bit insecure business. Let’s Dive in:

  1. You feel threatened by all the newbies who are hitting the scene.

2. You constantly find yourself gossiping about other entrepreneurs. Watch your words, and whenever you find yourself doing this ask yourself “why’.

3. You don’t like asking your clients for feedback to ways to improve. Ask, Ask, Ask! It’s the true way to level up your business,

4. You don’t like sharing your business tools, hacks and finds. Remember, you can share the recipe, but the sauce won’t taste the same.

5. You don’t maintain eye contact when talking about your business. It could just be personality thing… but eye contact aligns with confidence. Practice.

6. You’re more obsessed with likes and follows than you are sales and transformation. Remind yourself, likes don’t pay bills but serving your buyers and serving them well, will.

7. You “um and uh” when pithing your business and value to new folks. Know that we all stumble but practice makes perfect, here. You got this!

8. You stalk your competition but you never engage when you them leveling up. Remember if God did it for them, He’ll do it for you too! We can all eat!

Any of these resonate? Take a moment to look in the mirror and reflect, then correct.

As always, #keepstruttin

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