New Promises for 2021

Here we are. 

In a new year, we are creating new habits, preparing to create new memories, and adopting a new mindset. 

2020 was filled with tragedy. It was chaotic. And it’s honestly like that distant cousin who always comes with the unwarranted drama. 🙄

But I can admit it wasn’t a completely horrible year for me. Prior to 2020, I saw everything as black and white – no grey. I didn’t want to see the positive in the negative. But In the midst of the injustices, chaos, and pandemic, my eyes opened. 

2021 Promises

My vision got clearer which caused me to approach the new year a little differently. Instead of hardcore goals for the whole year, I set intentions for the year and set goals by the quarter for my career and businesses.

One of my main intentions is to be proactive about self care this year. I’m not just talking about pampering myself but truly caring for my self, my energy(mood/attitude), and paying attention to who and what disrupts it. To honor my intention of self care, I made a few promises to myself.

I promise to not give people permission to talk to me any kind of way.

This promise is huge because I don’t like confrontation. I actually (used to) run at the sight of it. Thus, allowing people to talk to me and treat me any way they like! And when I don’t address it, I’m giving them permission to do it again. No more! I’m adopting the saying, “You no longer have permission to talk to me.”  Period.

If you don’t how to talk to me, then don’t.

I promise to be my best self so I can give my best because the world deserves my best.

To be my best, I have to continue to nurture myself. This means making sure my health is in tact. I’m getting the proper rest, nutrition, etc.

I promise to always choose His plan (God’s) over mine.

I’ve learned over time His plan is better than mine, so there’s no reason for Him to stop.

I’m trusting Him and His plan now. This will save me time and unnecessary stress. Just do it His way from the beginning!

I encourage you to do the same. Aside from your goals and intentions, make a few promises to yourself. Get some sticky notes and post them. If you want, share your 2021 promises with me on @strutinhershoes. ✨

Until next time,


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