Eviction Notice: Goodbye Distractions

Sis, you are about your business, I mean being fearless, going hard for yourself. But dang you’re also allowing everything and everyone to get you off course. You’re busy scrolling and tweeting and admiring everyone else work, and wondering why it’s not happening for you. And now you’re ready to give it all up.

Let’s talk about that. Realize as a woman who came to understand her value as a person and an entrepreneur, distractions will definitely come. In the form of the opposite sex, social media, or whatever your vice is. However, how do you deal with it while trying to grow a business?

First, you call that thing out… it’s a DISTRACTION. And it’s time to give that distraction an eviction notice because it’s taking up too much space. Here are (4) other ways to deal with distractions while trying to grow your business:

Understand WHO YOU ARE.

A major part of understanding who you are is to truly understand, whose you are. When you know whose you are as God’s child, you know you belong and have an identity. For this reason, you have to stay connected to the source. John 15:5 says:

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

But what does this have to do with business?

Girl, everything. In business, distractions will come in many shapes, skin complexions, and heights. Sometimes those distractions will try (hence I said try) to tell you who are you. And if you are not confident in who are you, you will let them.


That’s how inauthentic characters are built. Don’t fall into the trap of being who everyone else want you to be. Focus on who God created you to be.

Understand that settling isn’t an OPTION.

It’s a MUST that your standards, integrity, and character are solid. You see words are powerful and carry weight, but so do actions. If you tell a man that you are a virtuous woman or an elected lady BUT then you settle.

You Settle:

  • By allowing him to degrade you
  • When he is not ambitus
  • When you allow his input concerning your business but yet he is too afraid to leave his Mcdonald’s job.
  • When your charitable but he is stingy
  • You settle when you honor and respect him but he won’t even take you out to dinner.

What are you really saying? What message are you relaying through your actions?

If you settle in relationships, you’ll settle in business. Settling is not an option, in either case.

Understand your Strength.

Whew, Chile! You know being an entrepreneur, solopreneur, CEO, or small business owner ain’t all rainbows right? This walk comes with its share of storms. It is a MUST to understand that God has already equipped you with the strength to survive the rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Yes, you may fall. You may crumble. You may get discouraged. You may even want to quit. But you can get through it. You will get through it.

Understand your PURPOSE, your WHY.

Want to know what’s going to help you get through the storms? Your Why/Purpose. Have you ever heard the saying “we all have bodies attached to us?” Sounds weird, huh?

Well, it’s true.

Your purpose is directly connected to someone else. There’s someone out there who is depending on you to operate in purpose, to impact them, to inspire them so that they reach their next! So, what if the storm is too strong and you decide to quit. What happens to the people you are called to impact?

Just think about that.

Truth is, you will always have distractions. There will always be something or someone ready to knock you off course. But it’s up to you, to decide if will you let it.


Co-written with Kiy Wilder aka #JustKiy