In the Mirror…

I glared into a mirror, maybe for 20min picking out all my flaws and reminding myself of things I didn’t like. I would beat myself up because I didn’t look like those girls in music videos and my hair wasn’t perfect like those girls on Instagram.

How are those girls so perfect?

But the reality is, no one is perfect. Some people just choose to accept their imperfections and wear them perfectly. In today’s society, especially when it comes to dating, it is so easy to forget your worth. You become so consumed with trying to please someone, that you forget about your own happiness.

A guy will want you to bend over backwards and sacrifice everything.. and for what? You’re supposed to be this amazing girl, dishing out wife duties without being the wife. You’re supposed to lose yourself a couple times, only for them to walk away.

Self-love is the best love, you have to know your worth and be willing to walk away from people who don’t see that worth that you see. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. People have a funny way, through their actions, of making you feel as though you are worthless and will never be good enough.

So, instead of glaring in that mirror and finding a hundred flaws, find a hundred reasons why you love yourself. Work on being in love with the person in the mirror, who has been through so much but it still standing. Don’t ever doubt your worth!