Noted: Reminders for the Bad-Ass Black Woman

Enjoy these Strut Notes and allow them to continuously remind you that you are worthy and a badass!

Make Yourself Seen and Heard.

For Generations, Black Women’s voices have been diminished and invalidated. Fighting to be seen and heard has cost us, our bag, and our mental health. However, that hasn’t stopped us from banding together and fighting for the support and the platform we rightfully deserve. Black Women have banded together for generations to fight injustice and amplify our voices. 

For instance, the “Believe Black Women the First Time” PSA and Campaign, a docuseries, and a social impact campaign to amplify and support WOC. 

Time to be selfish..selfish…selfish.

We know wearing a cape is exhausting. We’re expected to be the heroes and hold up our men, families, and community. Well, who in the hell saves the hero? 

Sis, remember, you are your own rock; you have always been your own rock. It’s okay to depend on others, but when you place that externally,  it takes away from your own strength and from the fact that you’ve always tried to do the best for yourself. 

This month we’re prioritizing our mental health and self-care first. If you need support or don’t know where to start – download our mental madness bracket! 

You are worthy because of who you ARE, not what you DO.

STOP tying your worth to external factors someone (*cough the white patriarchy cough *) else has set. If you’re feeling lost, practice a little gratitude. 

Take time to write down everything you love and appreciate about yourself. Ask your loved ones for reminders on why they love You. Don’t allow yourself to stray away from the Black Queen, your ancestors have set you up to be. 

Make every accomplishment, Big or small, a celebration.

Sometimes, Black Women aren’t extended the grace to bask in what we accomplish, so we should take every opportunity to celebrate what’s ours. Be extravagant in your Celebration, Be Bodacious.

Because you are sh*t, and every day you’re making sh*t happen!