Crowning Her: Honoring Essential Women Who Overcome Life’s Obstacles

Dedicated to women’s excellence, abundance, and authentic journey. Strut in HER shoes, honors Magical Mommies, Courageous Caretakers, Teachers, Families, and Entrepreneurs! As an evolving celebration and reminder of all she may be on her own and all, she overcame these last couple of years, and we’re crowning her essential!

This year’s Crowned Essential is:


“Chrystle opened not one but two businesses during the pandemic; The Lotus Room and Just Polish Me Pretty Nail Salon in Macomb County where the black beauty industry is scarce. Not only did she open these businesses during the pandemic but immediately after opening, she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer and had to undergo 12 chemo treatments. She could have closed her businesses and lost everything but she pressed through! She recently celebrated being 1 year cancer free and her businesses are still thriving!”


“Ditte has faced many challenges but still manages to get up, dust herself off, stand tall and move forward. While raising her genius son (how many 1st graders you know can do Algebra?!), she has dedicated her time to the young minds she tutors through her company, Minds That Wonder. During the pandemic, Ditte turned her apartment into a “school” to help parents who were struggling to balance work with virtual learning. She had kids from all different grades, schools, schedules and even states as she helped a few families virtually as well. As someone who works in education, I know it can be challenging to keep up with multiple kids in a classroom of the same grade, learning the same content so to do this with a mix of grades, content, and schedules was mind blowing. But this is who Ditte is. A mommy and teacher who is dedicated to children’s learning, discovery and development and will do all she can to create the most memorable learning experiences.”


“She’s a single mom of four boys and a full time student. Keierra has overcome so much hardship and is still trusting God through it all. She never gives up and sacrificed so her sons can have what they need. She doesn’t always see her value and I want her to know that she matters!”