Heel to Toe: Repeat & Stay the Course

So here we are already halfway through the year. This will either get you excited or overwhelmed because you have so much to look forward to and have gotten so much accomplished, or on the other hand, you are very much so behind. We’ve all experienced both. I’m excited for you if you’re on track, and I pray your focus remains to stay the course. However, this read is for the overwhelmed.

Staying the Course To Finish the Year Strong

One thing I love about life is that we have the power to start over right in the middle with just a decision. Like, we can press reset at whichever moment we so choose. I understand that life can shake us out of alignment sometimes, but it’s up to us to stay the course. I remember talking to a girlfriend who was venting about how time got away from her and how she was so frustrated and unhappy. While I listened to her voice, her complaint on life, and in detail blame over 10 different circumstances for the way things turned out, I never once heard her take responsibility for the parts she may have played or even mention the adjustments she could have made for a more stable life. This made me immediately recall moments when I didn’t like where I was and also didn’t FEEL like making the sacrifices to see change stir in my life. Crazy right?!

Experiences Happen for a Reason

Here’s the thing, it’s not fair to complain if you don’t want to do anything about it. As the saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” This venting session lasted for quite some time. I didn’t mind because I love to learn how people think and lend my wisdom when asked. My girl mentioned something else and I’d be remised not to share it. She said, “Every time I turn around, it’s always something.“ I said, “But wouldn’t you hate to turn around and it was always nothing? If nothing were happening, you’d be dead.”

Things are happening to develop & mold you, and nothing can’t do that but more than anything even the ugliest storm can’t last forever. Research shows me the most extended recorded storm was 31 days, by the name of Hurricane John in 1994. 31 days is not forever. Even ugly has to end.

Tips to Maintain Focus

Here are a couple of things I do if a storm breaks out around me and I need to maintain my focus:

  1. Recall former victories
  2. Set check-in times to track productivity
  3. Journal to detox emotions
  4. Meditate often
  5. Pray
  6. Surround yourself with positive, productive ppl

I say this to remind myself always and now you as my reader, nothing can stop you unless you decide to let it. Keep your why in view for when your body, mind, and emotions want to wander and throw you off. Maintain your diligence, any one of these days could be THEE day!

Go in Peace and Power,

Queen Fierce