The Role of Makeup in Mental Health

Did you know that beauty and mental health are intertwined?

When you feel beautiful, you feel happier and more confident. From this, we can say that outer beauty improves the chance of Inner beauty.

Even though beauty standards affect a person negatively, they still have some positive effects and play a role in health care. Here’s how beauty plays a role in healthcare.

Beauty and Mental Health

“Makeup can help healing, which is a slow and non-linear process,” says Adeeyo, a Psychotherapist and Psychiatric Social worker based in California. It is believed that beauty can heal a person mentally.

Believe it or not, makeup can help boost your self-confidence by improving your appearance. When you look good, you automatically feel good.

“Makeup is therapy.”

When you apply makeup, it can help you slow down for a moment both physically and mentally. According to Jane Polinski, a mental health therapist, “Makeup can be therapeutic because it’s a form of art.” When you apply makeup, you want to finish it perfectly. This automatically improves your focus and makes you feel more productive.

In addition to these benefits, many women love applying makeup daily because it makes them feel good. According to Studio 10, “48% of women who prefer makeup feel positive and strong.” The evidence does not lie; makeup promotes great mental health.

Ever wondered why you feel so confident and bold after applying makeup?

Makeup does more than complete a look! Next time you are preparing for brunch or a business meeting, throw on some makeup and see how your inner beauty shines through.

Nowadays, many beauty brands are focusing on mental health and actively promote the importance of mental health.

Makeup does so much more than complete a look. Makeup can change the way a woman views herself, promoting confidence and a greater sense of self-worth. Makeup application is an art form, a means of self-expression but most of all it’s a tool that promotes good mental health. So let me see that work of art, girl!


Mrs. HJ the Resilience Expert