20s and Wellness: Tips To A Healthier You

Hey there boss lady,

Happy Women’s History Month, and if you are a Social Worker like me, Happy Social Work Month. This month, I want to focus on the importance of maintaining health and wellness in your 20s. Some of you may be in college, so you have access to meals and a gym 24/7. I do understand that some may still be home with family or beginning to live on your own.

Health & Wellness: Learning What’s Important For You

I wish I learned early on the importance of our health and wellness and how it affects every part of our lives. Truly, I wish I could show you some awful pictures of me when I gained tons of weight and how I looked when I was smaller (but still thought I was big, you know how that goes). During your twenties, you may think you have tons of time to be healthy or get your body where you want it to be, but as y’all know time waits for no one!

If you are in college, as you prioritize your classes, homework time, and extracurricular activities, make sure to add time for wellness. What I have found was that when I am active and eat clean, my mind is clear and I have tons of energy throughout the day. I sleep better at night and my overall mood is elevated. There is so much that’s going on in our world, and I am sure as you are navigating the twenties it is the same — so making the decision to invest in your wellness is of utmost importance. I want you to think of it as a lifestyle.

What do you want your lifestyle to consist of?

What changes do you want to see if areas of your life that pertains to finances, vocation, relationships, emotion, etc?

Sis, it does not have to be difficult — start with what you have.

What Your Routine Can Possibly Look Like?

That may look like getting 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. Drinking alcohol once a week instead of multiple days. Not having rice with every meal and adding more colors to your diet, like green, orange, and yellow. Instead of laying or sitting down after a meal, walk around. Oh, and how could I forget the most important thing — DRINK TONS OF WATER.

Y’all, I know you may have heard this before and seen this in other blogs or Instagram posts, but it is true! Drinking water clears the skin, helps your hair and nails grow, cleans toxins out of your body, helps you to eliminate waste, and curbs your appetite. In your twenties, take charge. Take more control over reversing any health conditions, like diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Learn now how to take care of your body so that 10-20 years from now your mortality rate would not be shortened.

Actionable Steps

Some helpful things to take from today’s post:

  • Join a gym or create a home gym
  • Change diet
  • Move body every day for 20-30 mins
  • Research foods that help to revere poor health conditions
  • Drink water

Sis, I hope this was refreshing and helpful.

Coach Tysheira

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Tysheira Maddox is a licensed Social Worker, certified trauma professional, certified life coach, and Philadelphia native who has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Eastern University and a Master’s in Social Work at Temple University. While having to navigate adulthood with few tools and guidance but managing to survive, she created Leave Inspired, Inc to provide Personal Development Coaching and Consulting services to support Black women and Black mental health. Tysheira is dedicated to helping Black women, emerging into adulthood, overcome self-limiting beliefs and execute their life and career goals. Knowing that the 20s are difficult to navigate because there are life skills needed and guidance while transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, she provides Personal Development Coaching to help Black women gain clarity, build confidence, and execute consistently.