It’s Time To Stop Settling

Settling is one of those things we all realize, but sometimes we do that thing anyway due to a plethora of reasons. We want things instantly, wanting what we deserve (even if others don’t always agree), or let’s face it because we can be stubborn. Well, we’re here to tell you settling is not worth it in the long run.

Though we’ll focus on settling in romantic relationships, settling can still apply to other areas of your life.

Dating is hard. It seems to get harder as time goes on. Non-negotiables (what you will and will not tolerate/want in your relationship) & your personal outlook on life shouldn’t change because you know you’re ready for a relationship, to be in love and loved. With all of the affection shown in tv shows, movies, and real-life examples, it can be tough to hold out but you cannot rush or settle. The solution to it all is exercising patience and not rushing through something because of the missed intimate connection between a significant other.

If you begin developing feelings that something doesn’t feel quite right yet, don’t settle. Here are some tips you can do to combat that:

  • Understand what your non-negotiables are
  • Write down what you want in your next partner (from communication styles, dating, etc.)
  • Pray over that incoming relationship and for that person
  • Don’t overcomplicate it, but be confident in how you feel and your decisions
  • Forecast and envision the life you want with that partner and in general

Don’t settle in any area of your life, no matter how drawn you feel to wanting something now. Think long-term, grow your patience and discipline, and lean into the work. Drop your comments below if you agree with any of this information or want to share your story!

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Photo Credit: Nappy.co