DEAR SIS: Stop Entertaining Nonsense

Dear Sis, 

I’ve noticed a surge in the male opinion on female behaviors. Men, like Kevin Samuels, Steve Harvey, etc., have men believing that they hate us. How can we, as women, combat these “Heman Woman Hater Vibes?”

Hey Good Sis,

Yes, I’ve noticed there’s definitely an increase in men telling women how to be women. And women telling men how to be men. It’s really sad. What’s even more perplexing is why we’d even try.

It’s different to give the opposite sex a few gems about what is preferred by the majority but to outright devalue each other is so disheartening. I see men, like Kevin Samuels, that really believe that a woman’s dress size and her looks outweigh her core, and I’m amazed every time.

Stop Entertaining Nonsense

My advice to you is what I often give to myself and my other good, good girlfriends and even guy friends. Be the change you want to see. It’s that simple. You will not have a chance to even clap back in the comment section of some nonsense when you’re spreading love and speaking light into the people around you.

I won’t stop letting men know how to respectfully speak to a woman or how being truthful patient and upfront is always the key. I’ll never tell a man how to be a man. We can’t even speak for all women, so speak for yourself and maybe the few who are like-minded like you and simply keep it pushing. Unplug daily to reset and regroup because social is DRAINING.

Daily Reminders

Remember, we have touched on setting intentions and that doesn’t always have to be in the sense of romantic relationships that’s in LIFE. Clearing your social media accounts of all the clutter and toxic energy that drains your spirit and your iPhone is also a necessity. Replace them with the type of people, groups, and podcasts that speak your language and vibrate higher. ? 

I surely hope this helps and as I stated this is what I do daily to keep myself from butting heads with people who don’t think like me.

Until next time Sis, that’s the Way ShayMo Sees It