“Girl, Love yourself” | Our Open Letter to Khloe Kardashian

  • It’s a tale as old as time: 
  • Boy meets Girl, 
  • Girl falls in love with Boy, 
  • Boy and Girl have baby, 
  • Boy keeps having babies with other Girls, 
  • Girl hopes Boy will change, 
  • Boy proves himself to be who she hoped he wouldn’t be, A DOG!

Khole Kardashian is a part of one of the most influential families in white pop culture, but that doesn’t stop her from making horrible decisions about men and relationships. For the past 6 years, she has dealt with the basketball player Tristan Thompson cheating, lying, disrespecting her, over and over again. When is enough… enough?

  • We are sick of seeing this narration play out in pop culture. No woman deserves this.
  • So, here is our open letter to all of the Khole’s out there (because, let’s be honest, we have all met a Tristan): 
Love yourself. You are so worried about this man and what he is doing or not doing that you aren't thinking of who is 
most important…you. 

No one is perfect, and although your Tristan may love you - it's not enough. He needs to be faithful to you. 
Respect you. Be Loyal. 

Be honest with yourself. If you WANT an open relationship, do that! But if you want exclusivity, you deserve that. Go 
get that.

In the meantime: 
Be exclusive with yourself.
Do the things that make you feel good.
Workout- Get that body right, girl. 
Dive deep into your spirit and figure out why you've allowed yourself to be hurt all those years.
Then, vow to never let it happen again.

AND Put. Him. On. Child. Support.

xx, Jas.

Any ending will be sad, so feel every emotion that comes and then let it go. It doesn’t serve you to love that man and be his ride-or-die chick. In 2022 WE WANNA LIVE! We want to grow, thrive, and you can’t do that worrying about someone who is not worried about you.