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Finale Recap of Insecure: Normalize Enjoying Your Healing Journey

*Cue the music…It’s so hard to say goodbye…

I must admit, I had the most challenging time writing this because the finale didn’t do it for me like everyone else.

“I just wanna fast forward to the part of life where everything is ok.”

That statement is easily identified but is the false hope that people often come into therapy with… maybe that’s why I was frustrated with this episode. It’s implied that the work is done to obtain growth in this episode, but we don’t see anyone in the trenches but Tiffany (no, we are not counting Molly’s grief). She was the only one that didn’t get a happy ending. She appears pregnant at Molly’s wedding, which can lead her right back to postpartum depression and then couple that with the depression she is currently living with, in Denver. Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster, to me. 

I will say it was refreshing to see almost all the ladies get their happy endings on their own terms. HOWEVER, because I’m nosey, I wanted to see some of those moments we missed, like BOTH proposals. How is Kelli with her child? We know she was a great Godmother to Simone, but all parents know shit hits different when it’s your own child that you can’t give back.

While I understand the birthday theme and the promise to show up for each other’s birthdays, I get it, life happens, and you always find a way to get to and make time for what and who is essential in your life. Remember that support system I’ve been talking about all season? Yep, that’s what this episode highlights. Yet, my need for details wished for more. Like a lot more! I’m going to need this to be like Sex and the City, where we got two movies, a prequel, and then a new series that picks up like nothing happened ten years later. 

Nathan & Issa

Even though I knew Nathan and Issa weren’t going to make it because of how television shows work. I did not expect it to end like that, however. “That messy stuff is toxic.” I’m proud of Nathan for choosing himself first and not running away. I will always be Team Peace and will respect a person’s choice to be on that winning team.

Molly & Issa

Molly and Issa had a touching moment that wasn’t surprising since this whole season was building up to them having the friendship views they both deserved. Take some time to tell the people in your life; thank you. Thank them for loving you when you didn’t even know how to love yourself and for you showing you why you are worthy of love.

The best takeaway from the entire episode:

If you doubt yourself, your goals will challenge you too. Faith without work is dead, but work without faith is just a waste of time.

The best takeaway from the entire season is: Stay true to yourself. Accepting yourself for exactly who you are will allow space for true growth and character development. 

As we enter 2022, let’s normalize enjoying our healing journey and not wanting to fast forward to the easy part or when we think we are ok.