My Truth: Me & Social Media

  • Post Everyday.
  • Keep a Pretty Aesthetic.
  • Only Post Lifestyle Photos.
  • Likes Matter.
  • Followers Matter.
  • Engagement Matter More.

Oh, Social Media.

Though, I’ve worked in social media for 5+ years and I’ve been a huge fan of social media since I joined twitter in 2009 – I understand that when using social media for personal use, even for business sometimes, there’s a certain pressure that comes along way it

Let me be honest…

I once used social media to subscribe to comparison magazine. I was constantly scrolling and looking at what everyone else was doing and found myself trying to mold myself and my personal page to the accounts that were getting the likes and comments I desired. I wanted to have the super curated feed. I wanted to post everyday. I wanted 10K + followers with the 1000+ comments.

Who doesn’t want that, on the surface anyway?

But I had to really ask myself, is that really what I wanted? Is that who I am?

Quick answer, no. it’s not what I really wanted and it’s not who I am. I’m actually very awkward taking staged photos. Fake smiling is not for me. I also don’t smize well. I’m not very social to strangers in real life, so pretending to be outgoing in the digital space takes a whoolllle lot of energy that can be placed elsewhere. 

SO, why did it want it?

For a sense of validation. To feel accepted, by the masses.. That’s what the likes were for me… that’s what the followers represented to me.

Looking deeper into my life, that’s all I ever wanted. To be validated. To feel accepted.

But then I learned, some of these people I once admired, were buying their followers and likes. They were posing pretty for the gram, but living a miserable life. They were selling and influencing products, they would never buy themselves.

I had to ask myself again, “Is this what I really wanted?” To be validated and accepted by people who wanted to be accepted and validated, too?

No! I would much rather spend my little coins on something that actually matters. Spend my time doing something really impactful.


Once I came to grips that I wasn’t about that life, I no longer felt that pressure .I want people to see me on social media, meet me in real life and think – I’m the same person. Being anyone other than me… was too much damn work. (excuse my language).

Discover who you are and show up as that person on social media – that will relieve some of the pressure. 

Oh, and unfollow or mute the people you find yourself comparing yourself to that makes you second guess you… you don’t need that energy. ?

  • Can you relate to this?
  • Is social media pressuring you to be someone, you’re not?

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