Be Your Own Woman.

When I got into my relationship my boyfriend at the time was SO surprised that I didn’t have every detail of my wedding planned out. Truth be told, at a young age I made up my mind that I wasn’t getting married. I was living my life: working, going to school, involved in church and allowing God to shine through every crack and flaw I had. So yeah! I was too busy fixing me to worry about my wedding day.

But of course things have changed since meeting the one God has called me to be with. 

After he had pointed that out to me, I noticed it seemed like EVERY girl had her wedding planned out down to the vows. How can you have vows and not even have a person yet? This question has me stuck…But I’ve come up with something. 

Most single women are so focused on their wedding hair and playlist that they aren’t making the necessary changes within themselves to be able to attract the man that those vows are for.

If you’re single (unmarried), I challenge you to take charge of your own heart before you try to take charge of someone else’s. Make decisions, know what you want, and how you want it. It’s not just knowing what you want for your wedding day or in a man, but knowing what you want in a friend, in your home, and even in a smoothie! Being decisive almost forces you to be disciplined.

Being disciplined helps you make better decisions for your life. A woman who knows what she wants, gets what she wants.

So, instead of focusing on the big day, focus on your today, and make the decision to be your own woman.

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As a Woman of Faith, wife, dream developer and goal oriented person. I am always doing my best to see my full potential and to help other individuals see their full potential. As a planner of life coordination, writing is an outlet that allows me to sit and hear from God clearly on next steps, wisdom moves and prayer! I am a lifelong learner always looking for ways to perfect my God given talents and to learn how to be a better person.
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