Her Words: Remembering Jas Fly

Saddened by the news, of the sudden passing of the prolific television writer, author and journalist Jas Waters, also known as “JasFly”. While the cause of her demise has not yet been disclosed, avid followers, the cast of This Is Us, and other friends took to social media to mourn the her loss.

Throughout her career, Waters wrote for NBC’s This is Us, Showtime’s Kidding and worked on VH1’s The Breaks and Comedy Central’s Hood Adjacent With James Davis. She also was on VH1’s The Gossip Game and previously had a colum at Vibe.

In an article with Shadow and Act, Jas said. ” Oh, for sure. I’m very audacious. This was always the plan for my life, even before I knew it. A billion things had to conspire together for me to get here. Listen, I was raised in an old folks’ home. I never had a traditional life; I never had a safe, cookie-cutter, predictable, affirming life. From the moment I got here, the rules didn’t apply to me. If the basic rules of raising a kid didn’t apply to me, then nothing else really applies to me. So I just had to figure it out. There were several times in my life that I found to be very confining. But as I look back on it, it was very freeing.”

To honor Jas Fly and her audacious life – lets take a look at some of her most powerful tweets and hold on her words and story.

You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion. Remember that. And when asked ‘who do you think you are?’ answer ‘whom I was created to be.’

Jas Fly

Don’t let anybody f*ck with your process. Anybody.

Jas Fly

Someone unable to do what you can do is likely unable to understand why you must do it.

Jas Fly

Even if you gave way more than you got. Even if the scars will forever accompany the glow. Or even if what you needed was dangled but never given, be you. Leave it all with love and trust that your blessings will come.

Go about your life. As I go about mine.

Jas Fly

The more you know who you are, the less you fear. Vulnerability can be dangerous. But if you know who you are and you stick to the truth there’s little that can hurt you.


Fly High, Jas Fly.


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