#HerStory | Aborting the Mission

Ok, so let me first start off by saying that I had ABSOLUTELY NO intentions on writing this article. BUT, GOD!!!!!!!!! So, I made a post on Facebook, someone I know reached out to me and asked me about writing, so here it goes………

I was having a hard time deciding what I was going to write about and then I was given the title, “Aborting The Mission”

WOW!!!! That may not be significant to you, but when I say, it spoke to me, CHILE!!!!! Ok, God I hear you!

Let me ask you a question, “How many times have you aborted your “mission”? Let me say that I am absolutely afraid to count the number of times that I have aborted my mission. Whether it was connected to my job, my family, my ministry , or my purpose. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I even type that I am shocked that I have not been damned to hell.

After you have read that, how many people have you allowed to miss their calling because you chose to ignore that feeling that you have? That feeling that you have is your purpose and mission that God has called you to complete. And what is crazy, not really, is that your purpose is connected to someone else’s purpose! Do you hear what I just said?! When you have a purpose and calling on your life, you are also important to others in their purpose and calling in their life!!!!!!

SO, when you decide to abort your mission, you are also changing the course of someone else’s mission as well! Now I don’t know about you, but for me that is profound! It is one thing for me to be responsible for myself, but to be responsible for someone else is a WHOLE different ballgame!

After reading what I have written thus far, you may think that you are far beyond where God can reach you. GUESS WHAT?! You are never too far from where He can reach you. Let me share a story with you. In an effort to not lose your interest I am going to keep it short. 

So, for starters let me start by saying I am a PK (preacher’s daughter). While I did not grow up as a PK, my parents became pastors when I was about 25. This caused a lot of struggle for me because this was around the time that I was learning myself. I was sheltered for the most part growing up and did not fit well in most of the social crowds. Once I went away to college I tried my hardest to find a way to fit in crowds with people who I thought liked me, but in all actuality they didn’t. After being rejected so much, I decided to come home and then I became pregnant at the age of 24. I was lost and unsure of what was to come. Because my parents were pastors, I was content on becoming wed because I did not want a child out of wedlock. Learning that the person I was planning on marrying was not God’s best for me, I DIPPED!!!! Now listen, that is whole ‘nother story in and of itself! But I will say that after several years, I realized that this was not what God has planned for me. After this relationship failure, I left him and decided to start over. But guess what, I WAS STILL NOT HEALED!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are not healed, you will repeat the cycles until you learn the lesson, or you are healed from what God is trying to deliver you from! After the passing of my grandmother, who raised me, I became involved with someone and became pregnant. We were not serious, and I was not sure that I wanted to keep the baby. Despite his pleas and disapproval, I aborted our child. Up until recently (October 2018) I had NOT forgiven myself! After the abortion we continued to talk, and I felt horrible for what I had done. Not too far after, I became pregnant again, but this time I was happy! Ecstatic even! However, this time I noticed something different. I was spotting off and on for a while. I went back and forth to the doctor and they told me that my hormone levels were not increasing and were dropping. They said I was having a miscarriage and had to wait for the inevitable to happen. So every day I had to wait for my body to complete the natural process of “getting rid of the baby” that I was carrying. Eventually my body expelled the baby that I was carrying. I was home alone and was getting ready for work. I woke up, went to use the restroom, and then that’s when it happened. I will spare you the details, but just know that I was home alone, before work, and still went to work that same day as if nothing happened. 

Now after you have read my story, I don’t ask for your sympathy.  I don’t even ask you to empathize with me. I ask you to you think about, what is it that have you aborted? Is there something that you gave up on because you were too tough, scared, or just was unsure? And when you aborted this, who else was connected to what you were supposed to accomplish or complete. 

Now let me say, that the mission that I am now on with my daughter is so great and amazing. Maybe it was the plan for her to be here all along (because she is my rainbow after the storm), but what did you abort and what are you now going to go after in order to make sure that you accomplish that plan that is inside of you?