Maybe you remember, a few years ago, two female entrepreneurs had the courage to go on ABC Shark Tank to present their innovative idea, The Lip Bar. To their surprise, all the sharks shot down the idea, and one even went so far as insulting the idea calling it “Clown Makeup” and calling the beautiful women “colorful cockroaches”.  

When Melissa and Roscoe, walked out of The Shark Tank, they strutted into their destiny. Those five no’s turned into a million and one “Major Yeses” from women all over the world. The mobile lip bar the Shark’s confidently laughed at, has traveled to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Toronto and is their best branding tool, yet

What can we learn from this? 

Melissa didn’t start the Lip Bar because she was a lover of makeup, she saw a problem with the standards the beauty industry was advocating and said, “F*ck that, there is no standard”. 

Whenever, you are doing something new… you’re going to get some blacklash. Everyone won’t understand, your dreams. However, what God has for you, is FOR YOU. Despite what Cousin Pookie, Auntie Annie… Sam or Hannah has to say, nothing should be stop you from doing EVERYTHING you want you do, by any means necessary. Those five no’s could have, discouraged Melissa and Roscoe. Melissa could have went back to Wall Street. BUT… they continued to press forward… and yesterday, they successfully celebrated 5 years in Detroit, MI with a room full of lip bar babes. 


What harsh comments have you allowed to deter you from pursuing your wildest dreams? Write them down, and burn them. What have you been rejected from that you allowed to stop you? Adopt Melissa and Roscoes method of ignoring the harsh comments and insults, and keep struttin towards all of your yeses. Remember, a no from man.. can certainly be a YES from God.