STRAIGHT FROM FB: | Thank God I don’t look like what I been through…

For some reason, a lot of people think that I have it all together. That I have my life all figured out. That nothing bad ever happens to me. That I’m just so blessed. The truth is, I go through tests and trials just like everyone else. 

Last year I made it a goal to move from Chicago to Atlanta and to purchase a home. The day after I put an offer on a townhouse I suddenly lost my job. I didn’t let that get in the way of my 2 goals though. With my crazy faith, I still moved with no job. The enemy tried everything in his power to keep me from moving to Atlanta all the way until the very moment I arrived here. The thing is that although the enemy may have attacked God closed and opened up doors for me that I could not have done on my own and without his grace, I would have never made it to Atlanta. 

In just a short year I’ve accumulated $20k in credit card debt. My lights have been cut off. My cell phone has been cut off. My cable and internet have been cut off. 3 times I’ve literally been days away from having an eviction letter on my door. I’ve even pulled money from my IRA. I lost my job in Chicago March 2016. March 2017, almost to the exact date, God sent me a blessing that was 4x the amount of debt I racked up. The best part about all of this is not once did I operate outside of the will of God. God said to have faith and that’s what I’ve rode on for the last year. At one point I thought about moving back home to Detroit, but God said stay and I stayed. For most of that time, I was trying to figure everything out (with God’s guidance) and nothing was falling into place. The moment I decided to surrender and tell God “I’ve done everything that I could do. When you figure out how to get me out of this season then YOU let me know.” From that moment everything started to come full circle. God didn’t need my help. He had this thing all figured out for me. 

A lot of the blessings I received over this last year I prayed for. And for most of them, I didn’t know I had to go through the lowest and most uncomfortable season of my life to get them. God answers all prayers. He just doesn’t always deliver and package them the way we want. 

This is just a super very short glimpse of my testimony. I promised God that if he brought me out of that season that I would tell the world how his gracious hand has carried me through the toughest and lowest season of my life (I promise I’ll be sharing soon). Thank God I don’t look like what I been through. I chose not to wear my circumstances on my shoulder, but to give them to God and to live my life as I should despite the hand I was dealt. Romans 8:28 ❤️#ChatoyaInspires