“Multitasking Isn’t Productivity, Complete Tasks One By One”

Soooo I’m a mom, right? I like all mommies especially serial entrepreneurs have plenty to do. I get it! But recently well over the last 4 years, I discovered something shocking. So shocking I could barely admit it! Y’all, I learned that multitasking is NOT a gift! LMBO. I know, I know but bear with me. 

Here’s the thing. You honestly cannot even do two things at once unless we’re talking about washing clothes while you’re typing a paper or something kinda like I’m doing at this very moment. The truth is I put the load in the washer and am handling the rest of the work, which means I no longer have to devote energy, focus, or attention to it. So I’m really not multitasking.

Multitasking Isn’t the Way

The even deeper truth is that we are human and have to stop one task to even begin another. Sometimes all task juggling does is cause error after error, which obviously is a waste of time that we can never retrieve. If you’re anything like me, I normally end up going back to fix or fine-tune whatever I rushed through while “multitasking” which raises the question, “Was I even productive in that moment?”

Imagine being close to completing a task and stopping to go do something else on your task list because you had a bomb inspiration! You just extended the time on task number 1. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Stay focused and complete the first goal on the list and write down whatever you were about to contribute to the other goal. Finishing is rewarding and encouraging; it literally fuels you for the completion of the next thing on your to-do list, but you will prolong your green checkmarks if you bounce from project to project.

Queen Fierce posing for the camera with the peace sign

Now that we got that out of the way, I’m gonna take this thing a step further. Stop overthinking from day to day. What I don’t mean by that is not to plan ahead. I’m one of the biggest planning advocates you’ll ever meet, but all I’m saying is let’s practice not overwhelming ourselves with all the details of Friday when it’s only Monday. Forethought is required to make sure smooth well planned days are ahead of us, but overthinking when today is here and unfulfilled is a recipe for stress, anxiety, and crankiness that coffee and wine cannot cure.

6 Planning Tips for Productivity

Here are a few planning tips that I use from week to week and day to day. They help me become more prepared, less stressed, and waaaaay more present:

  • Write out an entire task list for the week.
  • Break those tasks down by priority based on the day it needs to be done. Use a planner to delegate the tasks for the days of the week.
  • Save some for tomorrow. It’s ok to not complete a 30 item to-do list.
  • Plan when you’re not surrounded by pressure or a ton of noise. You’ll forget something and end up having to rush to complete it.
  • Take 5-10 breathing moments in between tasks. It helps you reset and energy shift.
  • Make a Beatstrumentals playlist, light some candles, put your phone on DND, and get to work. Focus is imperative.

Take it one by one — the tasks, the goals, the days. We can’t do more than that anyway.

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See you soon, Mommy Mogul! You’re doing an amazing job.