Toni Jones ‘Me Vs Every Me’ Album Available Now

A self-love album filled with positive affirmations to find your higher self. 

Written by BLAC contributor Savannah Strawter

As women, we know how important it is to speak our truths to ourselves, and positive affirmations through music are the perfect way to do so. Toni Jones knows just how to do that for us. Toni Jones Me Vs Me Album

Toni Jones Release New Affirmation Anthems

Wellness coach and musician Toni Jones is back and hitting us with a brand new album, ‘Me Vs Every Me (Affirmations of Self Love)’. The album, which was released on the 18th of November, includes songs with specific themes for whatever you need to hear. Using music as a form of healing, the artist believes in using upbeat tunes set to the sound of positivity for the woman who needs a tool in self-healing. 

We had the opportunity to speak with a member of Jones’ management team, Leon, and asked him to give us his perspective on what it was like working on ‘Me Vs Every Me’ with Toni. 

“Working with Toni was a treat. She allowed me to guide and push her towards doing some things that were out of her norm, and she wanted to make this album just as attentional and I did.” When asked about why this album was created, Leon said “We wanted the listeners to be engulfed in a different form of affirmation music.  A form boasting scheme, storytelling, and profound wordplay.” 


Jones and her management team worked through every track to make sure they diligently conveyed the messages they wanted listeners to receive. Working on yourself isn’t easy, and it’s hard work, but as Jones says in the first track of ‘Me Vs Every Me”, “This is not a final destination, your completion is happening.”

Listen to Toni Jones’ ‘Me Vs Every Me’, streaming now on most streaming platforms.