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On the Couch: Insecure Recap – You Can Do Both

Do Nathan and Issa have to make everything so sound uncomfortable? Like I’m going to need some directness. All that hinting around would drive me insane. BUT let’s not act like it’s too damn early to be talking about moving in together.

WHAT IF: What looks like awkwardness is really a genuine human interaction? Like are we as a society just used to seeing the sparks of toxicity in relationships?

Episode 8 Recap

OH, so now Crenshawn wants to come back?!? What changed? Besides the business side being more than he was prepared to handle, I know it wasn’t the olive brownies. He doesn’t even look like he eats stuff like that. Skin is just smooth and glowing giving indescribable vibes. MMMH

Fashion moment: Where did Issa get that shirt she had on at the coffee shop???

Is that the same lady that told Issa she saved her life before? I’m going to need her to actually have a conversation with her. The way she just stood there and watched as Issa and Quoia walked away has the therapist in me very concerned. Like was this a different instance from the last time she alluded to a similar thought?

I definitely keep a good Ty Dolla $ign song in my spirit. Y’all think he may want to have a seat on the couch and discuss life? Oh, snap! I was waiting on Lawrence to show up in these future visions because seriously can Issa think about herself without thinking about someone else too?

Moving on, I know it’s uncomfortable to discuss it but we do need to start discussing after-life plans. I promise GoFundMe is not the same thing as life insurance. Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard enough without the stress of fighting with siblings (your own or your loved ones) over their final wishes, who knew what they wanted best or where to get the money to pay for everything. Insert discussion about passing down generational wealth instead of generational trauma. Yep, it can be just that easy to create a plan.

Speaking of creating plans, tonight’s theme is that making those hard decisions may never feel right. Owning your decisions comes with the prize of peace.

My 2022 Motto: You Can Do Both

I mean understand why Issa has to make a decision with who she is going to commit to relationship-wise; even though the fact that Nathan was present in both scenarios speaks volumes. It’s almost like her heart wants to be with Nathan but her mind is telling her she could be missing something with Lawrence. At this point, we all have second-hand trauma. The impulsiveness, lack of confidence, and anxiety are self-induced at this point and the only chance of healing will truly begin from within. I don’t understand why she can’t work with both Crenshawn and NSW. Isn’t that the point of entrepreneurship, to be able to have more autonomy in not only choosing your own path but creating one if you don’t like the options? One of my mottos for 2021 is “Get you a girl that can do both.” I never say do both separately, just do both. Yep, definitely taking that into 2022 with me.

Wings and wine absolutely make everything better! They are stables in my go-to relaxation meals on my low-key Sundays and/or any other day where the stress of the world tries to take me down with it.

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Pop Sugar

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