Providing High-Quality Graphics: Behind Tiera LaVin’s Brand

Tiera LaVin, Designer & Mother

Meet Tiera LaVin, better known as T, a brand specialist & web designer. As a provider of visual solutions. she has been designing for 5+ years and has a passion for branding entrepreneurs & educating them along the way.

How did you get started in your industry?

My mother is a graphic designer, so I followed in her footsteps. I always wanted to be my own boss and work at whatever schedule I desired.

Growing up, did you imagine being an entrepreneur?

Yes, I grew up under 2 generations of entrepreneurs, so working for “the man” was never something I saw as a norm. I wanted to be a fashion designer and architect at some point but always a creative.

In the beginning stages of developing your brand/business, what was your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?

I struggled with reaching and properly analyzing my target audience. I researched who my ideal clients are, how to serve them, and reevaluate them every 6 months because the world shifts all of the time.

Do you feel like you are pursuing purpose? If so, how did you know this was your purpose?

I’m only partially in my purpose. My passion is branding and design. It fuels a fire within me, but part of my passion is tied to my children.

Tiera LaVin headshot, owner of T Styles Graphics

Please tell us about T Styles Graphics (TSG)?

TSG offers graphic & web design for start-ups and those who need restructuring in their business(s) and their brand(s). I provide guided consultations and steps that pair with my book, It Takes More Than a Logo, to give instruction and branding.

What is unique about T Styles Graphics?

TSG is a one-stop-shop! Offering branding packages & services for any entrepreneur and leaving them with the tools and materials to succeed and scale their business.

What does a normal day of running T Styles Graphics look like?

No two days are the same and being the mother of 2 young boys! My workdays don’t last longer than I desire, honestly. I have always been a very organized and paced person. When an order comes in online, I contact the client and the rest follows all within my email inbox most times.

What is the best part of the business? What keeps you motivated to keep going?

My clients keep me motivated to keep going. Recently I had a “28-year-old life crisis” and questioned if this was still what I wanted to do…and it is. Design is my passion. Bringing my clients’ ideas to life gives me life.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that sometimes personal life can get in the way of business. Have you encountered any personal hurdles that could have or did result in a business pivot?

Yes, the daily life stresses of being a mother sometimes weigh on me in my business. I have battled with depression and sometimes it would be hard to design because I was in a funk. I’ve now hired a mindset coach to help me shift, tied with therapy.

How did starting your T Styles Graphics affect your mental health?

When I did start TSG, I think it affected my mental positively because it gave me something to strive and work for.

During these times, we’ve all had to adjust. How was this adjustment been for you and your brand?

TSG didn’t have to adjust too much. I was already an online and digital business. Gratefully, I’ve always been able to keep my overheads low. The shift that took a toll on me was the new way to network and promote your business. The videos, reels, “content” cause be a bit much as a designer since I’d deal with mainly the background. The new world calls for you to be the face of your brand which was new to me.

What’s the difference between the woman (you) before starting the brand and the woman (you) right now?

I started TSG at 23, I am now 28. I have evolved into many versions of myself, and I am not even my best self yet. The difference would be the experiences that lead to lessons that left lasting impressions.

What are some tips for Business/Brand Owners to avoid feeling burnt out and take care of their mental health?

Get a therapist and know you can’t fill any cups if yours is empty!

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman just starting her career?

Give yourself grace and do your research on Google because it is free. Always remember what’s yours is just that!

Lastly, what keeps you strutting?

My faith!!! I’m one of God’s favorites.

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