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Kristy Love is a mindset coach and owner of Kristy Love LLC, which helps individuals with reprogramming their mindsets for success. In doing so, she and her clients work on different mindfulness techniques to help set goals and create an action plan to achieve them. Read more about Kristy.

Kristy Love

How did you get started in your industry?

I started off blogging on inspirational stories. Then I went on to do a YouTube series where I gave motivational tips.

Growing up, did you imagine being an entrepreneur?

Not at all.

In the beginning stages of developing your brand/business, what was your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?

Sticking with my brand! I do so many things, so I had to really define my target audience.

Do you feel like you are pursuing purpose? If so, how did you know this was your purpose?

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Yes, I do feel like I am pursuing my purpose. I knew it was my calling to help people no matter what I got back in return. It’s something that I wake up in the morning and love to do

Please tell us about Kristy Love LLC?

Mindset Coaching Services

What is the best part of Kristy Love, LLC? What keeps you motivated to keep going?

The best part of Kristy Love LLC is we transform mindsets, which is major. You can go from struggling to wake up in the morning to being excited about the day. What keeps me going is the progression of my clients.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that sometimes personal life can get in the way of business. Have you encountered any personal hurdles that could have or did result in a business pivot?

Yes, your mental health is important in business. I also still work a full-time job, so trying to balance both can be challenging.

During these times, we’ve all had to adjust. How was this adjustment been for you and your brand?

A STRUGGLE!! As long as you can find the solution you can push through.

How did starting your brand affect your mental health?

It helped me to become stronger and understand that failures lead to better opportunities.

What’s the difference between the woman (you) before starting the brand and the woman (you) right now?

The woman I was before took everything personally. Now I know it has nothing to do with me everything to do with the other person. Creating the highest version of me helped me to take the limits off my mind.

What are some tips for Business/Brand Owners to avoid feeling burnt out and taking care of their mental health?

Take breaks! Your business will not be open every day. Also, have designated days where your business is open for business.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman just starting her career?

Set your boundaries. Don’t overwork yourself. Speak up. Always be open to criticism so that you can learn

Lastly, what keeps you strutting?

My clients and my today is going to be one of the best days of my life playlist.

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