You Should Know “Ain’t Nothing Wrong with that Prayer”

Summer Walker’s sophomore album, Still Over It, has been out and has been the talk of the internet – with think pieces, reviews, and personal commentary. Now, if you are not familiar with Summer Walker’s music, it is best described as “emotional intensity of a Real Housewives reunion. Her songs are as shady as they are chaotic — and irresistibly entertaining. Yet beneath the drama are layers of vulnerability.” by Pitchfork contributor, DeAsia Page.

Back to the album… There’s one track of 20 that’s getting all the buzz, “Ciara’s Prayer.”

Is It of God, or Is It Not?

Well, there are a ton of opinions on it. Dr. Kia Moore, of The Church At The Well, had this to say:

Baby y’all about to run me low with the #ciarasprayer think pieces. I just saw a really arrogant one & all I could think about were the people hurt by the messaging. Yall, ain’t nothing wrong with that prayer.

– Dr. kia moore

Dr Kia Moore didn’t just look at the prayer. She thought about the girls on social media who’ve been with the Future’s of the world. Those who need to know, “there’s a rainbow after the storm.”

On the contrary, Best-Selling Author and International SpeakeR Tiphani Montgomery said “…and now Ciara (a believer) is partnering with a witch (Summer) to teach y’all how to get a man? That’s not God. And you only have to read scripture to judge that God would never have a BELIEVER partner with a WITCH to pray that prayer.”

We fully respect Tiphani’s take – it’s America and there’s a such thing as freedom of speech, right?!

However, we subscribe to the idea that God can be present anywhere, amongst anyone. His light can shine brighter than darkness in any environment. Let’s say, allegedly, Summer Walker is still a witch – isn’t a prayer directed to GOD a good thing?

Tips For Folks Living Real Lives

So,”to folks living real lives with real issues: if you’re in or leaving a toxic relationship, toxic job, difficult season or just ever felt ashamed of your journey,” take note of these next few points from Dr. Kia Moore:

  • Say No To People Judging Your Journey
  • Your Past Ain’t Pretty, Pray Anyway
  • Learn To Tune People Out
  • Focus On Coming Out of Our Situation
  • Don’t Let Their Opinions Stop You
  • Pray Whatever You Need To Pray, In Jesus Name

Girl, it’s okay to keep Ciara’s prayer on repeat. Put it on sticky notes and post it on your prayer wall or bathroom mirror. The only thing we suggest is to make sure the prayer is specific to what you want, and your needs. Don’t go in thinking God is going to replicate Russell Wilson – that’s not how it works.