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A Starbucks fanatic and Sativa advocate. Resolute in her conscious truth-telling and delivery, Brittni “Bee” Brown is the award-winning publicist who has the unmatched ability to unite passion, precision, and the perfect pitch. Named as a “Top 25 African American PR Millennials to Watch” by Huffington Post, Bee’s strategic trifecta has elevated brands to national and international recognition as owner and Principal Publicist of The Bee Agency since 2011, deeming her a power player in the hard-hitting industry.

Brittni Bee Brown

How did you get started in your industry?

I founded my agency in college during my junior year that was inspired due to my love of fashion and events.

Growing up, did you imagine being an entrepreneur?

Never. I wanted to be a high school teacher, and becoming an entrepreneur is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

In the beginning stages of developing your brand/business, what was your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?

Understanding and knowing my self-worth. I had to overcome internal work and let some things go that were holding me back.

Do you feel like you are pursuing purpose? If so, how did you know this was your purpose?

Yes, I won’t ever say it’s a perfect process, but it’s worth day every single day as I’m learning myself.

Please tell us about The Bee Agency?

The Bee Agency is a public relations firm in Detroit, MI, servicing innovators, game-changers, and do-ers.

What is the best part of The Bee Agency? What keeps you motivated to keep going?

Creating experiences and lasting memories for my clients is always worthwhile. Leaving a legacy is what keeps me going.

Brittni Bee Brown, Principal Publicist for The Bee Agency
Photo Credit: GOLD. Photography (IG: @jimmy_goldfingers)

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that sometimes personal life can get in the way of business. Have you encountered any personal hurdles that could have or did result in a business pivot?

Yes, I had a mental breakdown a few years ago. I decided to pause my business and focus on getting my mind together.

During these times, we’ve all had to adjust. How was this adjustment been for you and your brand?

We never had to really adjust as our brand was needed more than ever due to the pandemic. We’ve been very busy and haven’t honestly stopped. We had to aid in the adjustments of our client shifts and their changes.

How did starting your brand affect your mental health?

It exposed me to things I would never have imagined I would learn about myself. It’s a hard process, and mental health keeps you sane to get the work done. I had to learn that without it, I could not get work done.

What’s the difference between the woman (you) before starting the brand and the woman (you) right now?

I’ve become a better leader and have a clear vision of what fulfilling destiny is at your pace.

What are some tips for Business/Brand Owners to avoid feeling burnt out and taking care of their mental health?

Take a day off to do nothing. That’s it 🙂

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman just starting her career?

Do whatever they say, you can’t do it.

Lastly, what keeps you strutting?

Knowing that I’m living out not only my dreams, but my mom’s as well.

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