Strut, Don’t Stress: No More Living In Survival Mode

You want to know the biggest thing that can tear you down when you’re trying to get back up and strut? YOUR MINDSET! When you aren’t taking the right steps to maintain your mental health you will feel the effects.

So, what stops you from taking care of your mental health? 

  • Living in survival mode? 
  • Listening to the limited beliefs in your mind? 
  • Listening to other people project their limited beliefs onto you? 
  • Trying to keep up with what the next person is doing? 
  • Fear of failure? 

Once you’re able to identify what keeps stopping you and knocking you down, there are a few things you can do to get back up! Keep in mind that where you currently are in your life aligns with how you think. If you don’t like the results you have to take steps in order to change. I want you to be able to strut with confidence. I want you to walk into alignment with what it is you want, but I need you to get it in your mind first that you are more than deserving of what it is that you want to receive. 

Where you are currently,

aligns with how you think.

Below are a few tips as you embark on a new journey: 

  1. Check yourself today. Where are you hurting? Where are you healing? And what are you willing to surrender to? 
  2. What have you been feeding your mind lately? Remember that what we consistently feed our minds leaks into our mindset. Today I want you to find one of your favorite songs and watch one of your favorite movies. 
  3. Create a new habit that you’ll begin to implement for the next 21 days that will lead to a healthier you
  4. Grab a journal! Create a gratitude list each and every single day. Focus on the good in your day. If you can’t think of anything, write down waking up with breath in your lungs, because that is a blessing.

No more living in survival mode!

No more playing the victim! Come on sis, we’re healing. We are picking up the pieces, healing ourselves back together, and getting up to STRUT! And as I always say, “TODAY IS GOING TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES.”

With Love,