2021, Am I Prepared?

New Year Preparation

In the beginning weeks of a new year, we pressure ourselves to figure out our goals, resolutions, and new year preparation plans of what we will accomplish. But after the year we’ve just had, I’m here to say it’s okay if you don’t have it together.

At this point, we’re all drained in some type of capacity from being home 24/7, turning our homes into a space for everything, not functioning at a “normal” rate, and so much more we harness in and don’t tell others. Some are just now coming up for air and a sigh of relief. I know that’s been the case for me!

I’ve been turning my home into a workspace that I set up and break down every day. It has taken every sense of transition away from me but limiting commutes to and from home (which I thankful for due to the winter and snow). In addition to my living room operating as a work office, it serves as a dining room and entertainment/wind-down area during the weeknights and weekends. While the first few months of the panoramic (or whatever you call it) were fine, I am now feeling every ounce of confinement and frustration because of it.

Organize the Vision

And I haven’t been in the complete mindset to tackle writing down my year’s goals because my brain is flustered. But instead, I’ve been brain dumping all my thoughts and trying to get them organized. This ultimately will help me work towards writing those goals because they are still important to write down no matter what – write the vision and make it plan… (Habakkuk 2:2).

So I’m here to tell you – no, you don’t have to be prepared now, and you do not have to have everything together this month, next, or in any other planned timeframe. Don’t use the progression of others or social media rush you to do because it’s what everyone else is doing.

Suggested Steps To Help

I encourage you to take these steps to help prepare you for when you are ready:

  • Slow down.
  • Find the good in every aspect of your life.
  • Figure out what you want out of life and get your thoughts onto paper.
  • Lastly, practice gratitude in finding you appreciate and enjoy out of life.
    • I find it helpful to write down three things I’m grateful for every day, no matter how small or big. It could be tonight’s dinner or that you made time for yourself.

In 2021, let’s really take a step back. A step back to enjoy what happened in 2020, what’s currently happening in 2021, and what will happen in the months to come.

You got this, sis! We see you – keep struttin’.

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