Social Distancing, Self-Closeness

As we hunker down and self-quarantine across the globe, I’d like to welcome you to the wonderful world of the introvert.  All my life I’ve felt misunderstood but now I feel like this is the universe’s way of letting the globe in on the life of people, who like me, love to be home with their thoughts and a those they love most.  

While everyone is in a state of panic and hysteria, I’m so chill.  I’ve gotten a little better with making efforts to reach out to people for an occasional coffee and kick it date (I will always make time for coffee and meaningful conversation, always).  I’ve worked from home since November 2012, so my level of homebody and introverting has been on Legendary status.  It’s been supremely glorious.   

For those of you who feel like it’s doomsday, allow me to attempt to ease your woes, k? Repeat after me, “This too shall pass.”  Take a deep breath and shift your focus to things that are, I don’t know…true, honorable, just, pure, lovely and commendable. (All Bible, BTW) Really, we’re good.  I think this is the opportune time, in a crazy way, to use fear to combat fear.   Hear me out, in a time where fear seems to be governing the globe, I can’t help but hunker down and think about all the things I was too afraid to do but now have nothing but time to plan and execute.  Heck, even writing this article is a means to combat a fear of exposure and putting myself out there.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve been told to write, write, WRITE!   

Sometimes our ‘busy’ is the biggest barrier to being who we’re designed to be.  We take on safe jobs to make ends meet, we lose touch with the very things that make us come alive, we hold on to people who help us fit into the status-quo or connect to folks to help us get ahead in industries we don’t even care to be in, we stop writing, we stop singing, we stop creating…because we’re busy…and afraid.   

While we’re forced on the (not) sick and shut in list, I hope we’ll allow ourselves to be vulnerable and face our own thoughts.  That can be a lot but do it anyway.  After you’re done meeting the demands of clients who are impossible to please and boss that gives you indigestion, the kids are in bed and you finally have a moment to yourself, allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts.  The world is an honorary introvert right now so be still and quiet and mind your mind.  What would you rather be doing?  How would you accomplish it? What does a day in the life of a(n) *fill in the blank* look like? How about a shot of guided meditation, minus the creepy, witchcraft connotation? Let’s walk through the day…What time do you wake up?  What’s in your morning cup? Do you have a home office or a flight to catch? How do you get into your zone? Who’s the first person you text? (I’m an introvert, I don’t do unnecessary phone calls, sorry).  Aside from what’s going on and what all you must do; how does it FEEL?! Hold on to that feeling, sit in it a few, take it in, get intimate with it.   

Now open your eyes, see your currently reality.  Take note of how different it feels.  You want that other feeling, don’t you?  Make it happen. 

We got this.