#PostRevisited | Beauty and the BEAST

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I agree. Adversity by definition means so many negative things (hardship, trouble, difficulty, failure, loss,etc.) to so many different people. For those who do not have a belief system, adversity can present a lot of consequences versus a solution. When I was lost and trying to handle things on my own, I wondered just like the person with no belief system. I couldn’t pay anyone to show me the beauty in anything, let alone the adversity I was in. I couldn’t see the beauty in myself. It was not until I submitted to the will of GOD, that I finally saw the beauty in adversity.

Adversity brings us to a state of needing Christ. When I came back to Christ, I returned broken, abandoned and self-esteem shot. It was in that moment, I didn’t think I would ever make it out my storm of that self-hate, self-blame, self-neglect. It was these things that caused me to lash out at others. Returning to Christ, I found myself turning to the ONLY one who could save me from myself. The Only one who could save me from self-destruction and destroying others. This is when I saw how GOD saw me…as his beautiful daughter.
A true relationship with God taught me how to love myself, motivate myself, encourage myself during and out of the storm I was in. It was through his word and the adversity that I was in, that he not only transformed me but used me to motivate, encourage and love his people. It is the work of God that I sit here now and write this post for you. all him and his work, none of me. It’s after coming out of this adversity that I am now in a position to fulfill the plan of God for my life.

Adversity will cause one to not see the full plan that God has for their lives. It is through this purpose that I am now about to walk out his plan for my life. Daily I have the opportunity to motivate and encourage people across this country. God is using me to touch lives of people I have never met, and he is doing it all through the broken soul that I use to be and allowing me to show them that even in my pit of adversity, beauty resided in my diversified state. It is not until we submit to his will and way, that we can truly be healed and I write to you, a healed woman of God.

On the days when I forget who saved me, and I want to give up, I relied on Philippians 4:13. I lived and breathed this scripture. want each and every one of you to know that I live and breathe Philippians 4:13. This scripture is my personal promise from GOD to keep going on. You too can see the beauty in your struggle right now. Allow GOD to show you! It’s not until you ask him, that he will show you. There is nothing too hard for GOD (Jeremiah 32:27). It is my desire that you know that no matter what has stripped your inner beauty (lies, molestation, rape, abuse, abandonment etc), Jesus can and will fix it. Today, allow for your light to shine ladies. Walk in your victory…Victory TODAY is yours!

Written by: Brittany Bates, the Encourager