I am riding on the struggle bus. There’s so much going on, that’s trying to knock me off of my track of faith. So many temptations coming at me.. so many discouraging thoughts. I know it’s only the devil.

See, the devil doesn’t like when your not giving in to him. When you’re following God’s word…his plan. That’s when the devil really tries to come after you. Yet, I refuse to give in. I’ve come too far to give up and give in now. I refuse to let everything I’ve worked so hard for to diminish for instant gratification. In Isaiah 54:17, God says “No weapon formed against you shall prosper…” And I believe that word and receive it!

The discouraging thoughts are coming from me doubting myself. I have faith that God knows what he’s doing but I don’t have the confidence in myself, to do what God has planned.

In everything, have faith in God first,  then yourself. Whatever you’re struggling with. Whatever you are going through. Cast all your cares on him.

After all, he is the ultimate healer, provider, lover and all that good stuff!

Keep Struttin, Girl!