Celebrate Your Girlfriends Through the Five Love Languages

Words of Affirmation. Quality time. Physical touch. Acts of Service. Receiving Gifts. Do these sound familiar? Because these are the Five Love Languages, developed by Dr. Gary Chapman. When we think of the five primary love languages, the majority of the time, we often think about applying them to our romantic partners and relationships. However, these love languages apply to our friendships and platonic relationships too! August 1st is National Girlfriends Day, and what better way to celebrate your gal pals by speaking their love language? Here are five ways to celebrate National Girlfriend Day through the five love languages.

National Girlfriends Day: Words of Affirmation

If your girlfriend has words of affirmation as a love language, it means she values affection, appreciation, or praise verbally or in written form. As a result, they enjoy receiving thoughtful messages and words of encouragement. You can make this friend’s day by complimenting them, sending them a card, or posting a picture of them on social media with a heartwarming caption to show your appreciation.

Quality Time

The girlfriend that speaks the quality time love language loves spending time with their loved ones. They also enjoy having someone’s complete undivided attention while spending time, meaning you need to put the phone down so that they know you’re actively listening and making eye contact. For this friend, you can grab lunch together, stay in and watch each other’s favorite movies, or go on a trip together!

Physical Touch

People whose love language is physical touch express their love with physical affection. This love language might feel awkward when it relates to friendship; however, it can be just as platonic as romantic. Celebrate this girlfriend by giving them a big hug or something fun such as doing their hair and/or makeup.

Acts of Service

If your girlfriend has acts of service as a love language, it means she feels loved and appreciated when people go out of their way for her. They love when people lend them a helping hand, especially when they don’t have to ask! So, celebrate this girlfriend by offering to pay for their meal, help them with tasks around their house, or offering to babysit (or pet sit!) while they get some rest.

Receiving Gifts

The love language of receiving gifts is straightforward; this girlfriend values “visual symbols of love,” as Chapman states. It’s not that this girlfriend is materialistic; she appreciates not only the gift itself but the time, effort, and thought that was put into it. It would make this friend’s day if you sent them their favorite flowers, a package of their favorite items, or tickets to a new experience.

Celebrate Your Friends

Let us know on social media and/or through the comments below how you plan to celebrate your friends.

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