Behind HER Brand: Nakeita Harris

Nakeita Harris

Meet Nakeita Harris, an event planner and mother in Detroit. We chatted with Nakeita to learn more about her business and how she began in this journey of entrepreneurship.

What is the name of your brand/business and how did you get started in your industry?

I’m Nakeita Harris, “The Krafty Creative.” I’m the owner of Keetz Productions and Krafty Keetz. Keetz Productions is an event management company. We specialize in creating a one-stop-shop experience for our extended family. We offer wedding and event planning and decor, balloon installations, event staffers, DJs, photographers, and much more. I am a serial entrepreneur but not only do I birth businesses I birth babies. Lol, I’m also the mother of two awesome boys!

I actually got started back in 2015 when I decorated my son’s first birthday. I realized I loved creating unique events and it was something that came naturally.

Growing up, did you imagine being an entrepreneur? 

Not in a million years! I’ve been working for someone since I was 14. I knew I would be in upper management for a major organization. Just never would have thought it would be my own.

In the beginning stages of developing your brand/business, what was your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it? 

I would say my biggest struggle was getting all my ducks in a row. I was being hired and conducting sales transactions, but I didn’t have the back end of my business in order. I wasn’t tracking my money and I was mixing personal and business funds. All of this is a huge no-no!!

I joined an amazing group of like-minded female entrepreneurs, and we encourage each other to work to improve each other’s businesses together. Now I have a group of accountability partners that mean business.

Nakeita Harris

Do you feel like you are pursuing purpose? If so, how did you know this was your purpose?

Yes. For so long, I felt that if I can work hard for someone else’s business I can do it for myself. Me running my own business for a few years now showed me I can make it on my own and that corporate America is not the only way.

What’s the best part of Keetz Productions? What keeps you motivated to keep going? 

My motivation to keep going is the experience we are able to provide to our client and their guest! The response when guests enter the room is a feeling I will never get enough of.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand sometimes personal life can get in the way of business. Have you encountered any personal hurdles that could have or did result in a business pivot? 

I believe everything in life contributes to who you are in the way you do things. Since starting my journey into entrepreneurship, I’ve had to hone in on my work-life balance. This not only includes my children and fiancé, but it also includes me being responsible for my own self-care.

I’ve pivoted my business to have set hours and days of operation. I had to realize that if I don’t set boundaries in my own business there won’t be any.

During these times, we’ve all had to adjust. How has the adjustment been for you and your brand? 

The adjustment has been a breath of fresh air to my business. Is it pushed me to add services I didn’t offer before they have been very lucrative.

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman starting her career?

Keep trying! Don’t give up! Find a group of like-minded women to build with, and bounce your ideas off of because a lot of people do not think as an entrepreneur thinks. Your family may not always support you but there is support out here so don’t get discouraged.

Lastly, what keeps you struttin? 

My faith, my passion, my children, my need to succeed!

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