POWER OF ME | Discovering & Embracing Me

Life is a hell of a teacher and we learn so much about ourselves throughout the years. There are life-long lessons that shape who we are and who we become, but we always have the power to manifest the life we want. Through struggles with career, relationships and even friendships, I was determined to not seek others for validation but pour into myself and control my destiny. I began a very isolated journey to get to know myself at the core, learn from my own experiences, connect everything with my divine purpose, and have power over my life. Here’s what I will always carry with me on this journey:

1. You have power!

I have the power to manifest the life I want to live because I understand my divine purpose and reflect on how every opportunity connects to my divine purpose. Any opportunities that do not allow me to live out my value and purpose does not deserve space in my world.


2. Affirmations are powerful!

“I am” is the most powerful words in the world and what comes after them manifests in your life. I’ve learned that you must not only acknowledge when things are going wrong but you must also learn a way to positively keep yourself uplifted and empowered. Make a list of all the things you thought were negative qualities. Then, transform those negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Because what we think of ourselves, we become.

3. Find Your Gift, Your Purpose.

Once you understand your purpose and passion in life, you begin to make purposeful decisions. You are able to seek opportunities that embrace where you are while growing and blooming each day.

4. Be You, Unapologetically! 

Don’t apologize for being you. Don’t make yourself small for others. No matter what you go through, always be true to yourself. To always be yourself in a world that encourages you to be someone else is the most powerful thing ever, but you must know yourself.

5. What You Do Is Enough!

I had to realize that what I do is my dream and I give my best daily, no matter what people think. I’ve learned that I can positively impact the world through education because I have a strong desire to lead and cultivate healthy relationships that promote growth for my students and myself. As long as I show up my best self and provide my students with everything I have, what I do is enough.


6. It’s a Journey, Not a destination!

There are moments where I feel like I lack the power to control my destiny, to manifest the life I want to live. I have allowed control and fear to creep up in parts of my life. I have given attention to things that compromise who I was, but manifesting power within yourself is a journey, not a destination. Be willing to discover layers of yourself daily. Be willing to grow daily. Be willing to do your best daily and know that you are doing your absolute best.