Seen on Social: Start From Where You Are

It’s storytime.

This time in 2011, I was looking for a career path to plant my feet in. While I had established a fledgling career in marketing, I didn’t have the experience I needed to do social media full-time. I joined the Triumph Church at the end of the year and was graciously allowed to lead the social media ministry. It took off, and I’ve been running this marathon ever since. I will always honor that opportunity because it changed the trajectory of my life.

One of the jobs I was privileged to work was at the QL FOC where I was usually the go-to for cause marketing. In 2017, I worked on a project to take our high school student interns to California to participate in a live television broadcast with XQ America, a non-profit dedicated to rethinking high school.

That was one of the most fulfilling moments of my career thus far, and I’ve been doing my best to find that feeling in my work to no avail.

Domonique Abner

Well, the time has come. I have accepted a position with Gradient Learning, a non-profit that provides non-traditional resources to students and teachers, who also happens to have a partnership with XQ. While I’m not an educator, I am a proponent and advocate for the systems in place for our children.

Teachers don’t teach for the income, they do it for the outcome and I’m so excited to join this work.

Domonique Abner

Now, I know a lot of y’all are probably like “damn, she stays with a new job,” or “she’s a job hopper,” and you’re absolutely TF right.

I do not suffer for years to get a nice Yeti cup for my ten years of miserable service. If the job is causing me distress, if I’m miserable – I leave. It’s simple as that. When you work somewhere, you should be able to feel a sense of fulfillment, you should be able to show up as your whole self, and you should be able to have the balance that’s needed to be present for your children, family, friends, etc. Anything else is unacceptable, and I pray that many of you stop suffering in silence, dust off that resumè, and move on, Martha, move on!

Posted originally on Domonique Abner facebook page.

Photo by Brandy Kennedy on Unsplash