Perfect the Perfect [Kissable] Lip for Your Valentine’s Date

Lil Nas X made us all call him by his name after he kept it super-steamy for last year’s BET Awards performance of his hit single “Montero.” Chile, that kiss was everything and had the entire globe talking, which got me thinking about my approach to makeup: K.I.S.S lip combinations.

Keep it super simple. There is no need to overcomplicate the process, as many have done with the unsolicited opinions of the kiss seen ‘round the world. When it comes to how you do what you do, it’s all about personal preference, right?

K.I.S.S Lip Combinations

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’ve compiled a fun list of lip combinations for your next kiss:

The Potential Peck

This is the lip you wear on a first date because the potential for a kiss is there. You also want your lip color to last and pass the first kiss. For this lip look, I recommend a lip liner that matches the color of your mattifying traditional or liquid lipstick.

Swap a Swatch

Do you know how you swatch lipstick on your hand to see the color payoff and finish? This is what happens after you share a passionate kiss with someone special. For these options, I’d recommend something long-lasting and/or waterproof. The goal is for minimal-to-no transfer so that you do NOT swap a swatch. Get it? MAC’s powder kiss formula is a great option!

Apply translucent powder to any lipstick of your choice.

A Sticky Situation

This one is for all of my gloss bosses. You know who you are; the shinier, stickier the gloss the better. Extra points if you emphasize the lips with a deep, flesh-colored lip liner. Whomever you kiss understands the assignment from the jump. Gloss will be encountered upon contact and he/she/they are okay with that. Talk about a true gloss boss. Sis, your options are endless here so just go for it!

Now, girl, I’m living vicariously through you. Add me to your close friends’ list (@itsmiabanks), so I can see those K.I.S.S lip combinations BEFORE and AFTER the smooch!

Love ya lots, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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