How to Implement COVID-19 Adaptations Into Your Life in a Positive Way

Written by Emma Grace Brown

COVID-19 forced people around the world to change the way they live. While some of those changes — like increased social isolation — were negative, there were also positive changes to come out of it. As you go forward, harnessing the power of those positive adaptations can help you thrive in the “new normal.” Here are some tips to get started.

Tips for Positive Changes

Revamp Your Space At Home

You likely spent more time at home than usual during COVID-19. As you get back out into the world, ensure you have a cozy space to come back to. Make comfy aesthetic touches to create a welcoming atmosphere like adding throw blankets, candles, and area rugs to your home. The aim is to create a safe haven.

Make Home Cooking Your New Normal

The pandemic also led more people to cook at home as restaurants closed or switched to delivery-only services. Try to maintain your home-cooking habit going forward, as it’s healthier and can save you money. Short on time? Explore easy-to-make slow cooker recipes, which are ideal for freezing and reheating.

Ramp Up Your Home Exercise Routine

COVID also changed the way we work out, with more people than usual switching to home workouts due to gym closures. If you started exercising at home, why not continue? This spares you the time and hassle of going to the gym, which can often deter people from working out. There are many practical and effective workouts you can do from home.

Make Mental Health A Priority

COVID also shed new light on the importance of mental health care, as people around the globe dealt with issues like anxiety and depression. If you struggled, commit to your mental wellbeing going forward. There are many online therapy services available that are more affordable than in-person treatments.

Reassess Your Career Satisfaction

Many people also found their jobs impacted by COVID. Take a moment to reassess your career path. If you aren’t satisfied, why not make a change? You can start your own limited liability company, which will offer tax perks and protect your personal liability. Zenbusiness can help you determine the regulations for LLC formation in your state and handle the filing.

Make More Time For Family & Friends

You may have seen less of your loved ones during COVID-19. For example, if they live far away, travel may have kept you from reuniting. Now is the time to rectify that. According to Medical News Today, socializing has great benefits for mental health, staving off anxiety and depression. Following the great COVID isolation, recommit to your social connections.

Pick Up & Nurture A New Hobby

From baking bread to home gardening, many people picked up a new hobby to pass the time while in isolation during COVID-19. A hobby can be a great outlet for creativity and provide stress relief. If you haven’t already found a passion worth pursuing, keep looking! From knitting to painting, there are many low-cost and fun pastimes.

Spend More Time Outside

Another easy way to combat stress and boost happiness is to spend more time outside. Rogue Valley Messenger provides a roundup of tips to help increase your daily outdoor time, like visiting a local garden or exploring nature photography. You can also try practical steps, like biking instead of driving to and from work.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, reflecting on the positive changes that came from this stressful experience can be helpful. These tips can help you reframe your mindset, seizing changes and leveraging them to enact positive lasting evolution.

This is the kind of content you can expect from Strut In Her Shoes’ magazine. How did your life change during COVID and how are you using those changes to improve your life now? Let us know in the comments!

Banner image: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels