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On the Couch: Insecure Recap – Own Your Choices.

  • Yo, Issa is crazy is hell for these visuals. 
  • She is, even more, crazy for trying to make Nathan say he loves her. 
  • Molly is – just TOO much for me.
  • The weird exchanges between Issa and Condola – end with the kicks. Deep sighs:


Alright ya’ll, for real, please do not create a toxic relationship where there doesn’t need to be one. Jennifer, what are you talking about??? I’m so glad you asked! I’m talking about Issa. Issa and Nathan spent a good 25 out of 27 minutes walking around just being this “cute couple”. This week she chose violence, quite literally. Every interaction with Nathan, she was trying to get him to give her a level of commitment that she is not even giving – or ready to give. How can she even think this was something good to discuss when she was walking around all day thinking about Condola and Lawrence? 

I guess, I can’t really expect much more since – he is her forever rebound guy. 

Therapist Note: Moving into a new relationship with whoever looks at you first after a major breakup is not a good coping skill for the loss of a relationship, I promise.  

I honestly,  wish Nathan can see he deserves better. He has done some work to move past his own personal struggles, he can’t carry her baggage nor should he be expected to do so. Yes, I said some. Have you noticed that every time something gets difficult/uncomfortable Nathan is ready to pack his bag and leave. THIS is why there is a stigma around mental illness.

Nathan, please have a seat on the couch:

Nathan, OWN YOUR SHIT! You can’t keep letting people throw Bipolar at you like it means you are broken. You recognize when people are inconsistent because you have had to learn when you are being inconsistent yourself and most times using others around you can be helpful in doing so.

Therapist Note: Just like Nathan, your mental illness doesn’t mean you are broken. You are not crazy. 

The guy that was experiencing a manic episode when Issa met him is not the same guy we are seeing now. Your thoughts are more rational and that is scary to those who are used to you agreeing with the impulsive nonsense. From what we have seen, you appear to have things more figured out than the people you interact with daily. Continue to grow into your full potential.

I scream work/life balance a lot, but let’s be honest – that’s all talk. 

“Work can’t matter more than real life.” 

More often than not, I’m working 10 hours at minimum a day – like I don’t have a whole family that’s waiting on a hot meal and/or help with their homework. So, I appreciate the show allowing Molly to show a piece of who she really is with her coworkers. 

While we often think we have to draw a hard line between our work and personal lives, sometimes we need them to know we are human. The little moment with Taurean where they both allowed themselves to let their guards down – was refreshing to watch. Now I do not want them to enter into a workplace relationship but I do like how she has a safe space at work, now.