Milan Mobley: Award-Winning Publicist Shares What’s Behind HER Brand

Meet Milan Mobley, an award-winning publicist, self-taught lifestyle cook, business restructure coach, podcast host, influencer, and YouTuber. She is the owner of Umanagement (UMGMT) and Thee Milan Mobley Co.

Milan Mobley

How did you get started in your industry?

In college, I was the freshmen class public relations coordinator. After that, I fell in love with the industry. Once I graduated, I applied to 100 drops pre- and post-graduation. I was told no time and time again, to the point I figured “start your company.” I had always been inspired to have an agency, not public relations, but one for sports management. Everything else like my podcast, business coaching, and being an influencer came as I grew into an entrepreneur and CEO.

Growing up, did you imagine being an entrepreneur?

Absolutely not. I imagined being a lawyer or a teacher. But what little girl didn’t imagine being a teacher – right?

In the beginning stages of developing your brand/business, what was your biggest struggle and how did you overcome it?

My biggest struggle was asking for my worth and not negotiating on my price. I did that so much I had clients that I really couldn’t do much with. I had clients who didn’t represent the real vision of UMGMT. Over time realizing how much work I was putting in and the quality I was producing for the money I was receiving was reality. I was never going to get the clients I wanted or the monthly revenue I wanted if I didn’t start charging my price and not agreeing to things that honestly didn’t work for me.

Do you feel like you are pursuing purpose? If so, how did you know this was your purpose?

When I was able to start getting small names big credentials in the media and at events. It is important to me to make that impact, and seeing others reach heights they didn’t even know was possible made me feel amazing.

Please tell us about UMGMT & Thee Milan Mobley Co.?

UMGMT is a global strategic communication and Public Relations Agency. UMGMT services sectors such as Lifestyle, small business, Beauty, Fashion, and corporate. Thee Milan Mobley Co. is a lifestyle and coaching company. Our Coaching services establish brands that need to restructure their current foundation and branding to reach their next level.

What is the best part of UMGMT & Thee Milan Mobley Co.? What keeps you motivated to keep going?

The best part of both companies is that we treat each other and each client like family and provide each client with the ultimate experience. The words, ” I understood the assignment” there are things more significant than me that I am here to add value too and knowing that God chose me.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that sometimes personal life can get in the way of business. Have you encountered any personal hurdles that could have or did result in a business pivot?

Honestly, not until the start of the pandemic. I have been blessed enough not to contract the virus. However, that didn’t stop it from slowing things down in business, which trickled over to my personal life. I had to pivot in my business while things were slow to accommodate the responsibilities I had personally.

Milan Mobley headshot

During these times, we’ve all had to adjust. How was this adjustment been for you and your brand?

For about 3-months, It was understanding what our audience needed, and what they needed was a visibility contingence/relevance plan. So for those 3-months, I took strategy calls and made plans for small business owners, and I even used my platform to promote small businesses to assist in getting more eyes on their business.

Milan, how did starting your brand affect your mental health?

I was very stressed out at times and stayed up for all hours of the night. I quickly became overwhelmed because I was putting so much in and not giving myself enough grace. With that, I ultimately ended up frustrated and experienced the burn-out, and that started my weekly self-care journey where I focus on me and only me.

What’s the difference between the woman (you) before starting the brand and the woman (you) right now?

The woman I am now knows boundaries. This woman is fearless and isn’t afraid to ask for what she is worth. This woman knows her capabilities and knows just how powerful she is.

What are some tips for Business/Brand Owners to avoid feeling burnt out and taking care of their mental health?

Self-care days!!! I can’t stress this enough, my self-care day is Sunday, which is actually my rest day. I work out, do yoga or meditate, take naps, have candles lit, watch movies – whatever makes me happy!

What’s the most important piece of advice you could give to a young woman just starting her career?

Be confident and comfortable in your mistakes and understand when things may not go your way, that is God redirecting you to the actual things that have your name on them.

Lastly, what keeps you strutting?

The people that I know I’ve inspired, those who support me, and those who want to be in this position one day. I have to Strut on because It provides so much encouragement to others. So thank you to those that contribute to my strut!

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