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On the Couch: Insecure Recap – It’s Giving Heavy, Okay?!

One word to describe this episode: HEAVY.

I was not ready for this, not  Mama Carter?! Anyone that says they are ready to experience a moment like that with their own parent(s) is a damn lie! BUT Molly really say her parents need to stop acting like everything is ok?  

Pot meet kettle.

For those who aren’t sure what it’s like to show up for a friend in adulthood, this episode is a good example. It’s not always sharing laughs and happy moments. Sometimes it is just showing up –  when you are scared out of your mind and not ready to face what is in front of you. “I promise you gonna always be in my loop.” Deep.

And with everything we’ve witnessed between Issa and Molly, it was great to see Issa show up and be selfless.

NOTE: Oh and please, please, PLEASE do not forget to bring a change of clothes so I don’t feel like I’m on a hoe stroll in the ICU.

Remember that saying: if you want to know what your girl will look like when she’s older, look at her mom?! This appears to be true for Issa both inside and out. That look Nathan gave Issa when she described her mother as all over the place is the same one we all were giving (at least I was). You’re still all over the place m’am. 

When Issa said “that’s why I love you” we all know she didn’t mean for that to be the moment it was said. Hence, Nathan displaying his true patience by not making a big deal about it. We all know she meant she loves him like Jesus loves him. Also, to anyone confused as to how Nathan could claim boyfriend status while meeting Issa’s mother but not say “I love you” please come have a seat on the couch. We welcome you and are available to discuss your attachment issues.

Anyone else gasp when Issa saw Lawerence, Condola and the baby? WHEW!

Just have a few words for our girl, Issa….

Dear Issa, 

RUN!!!  Leave Lawrence ass ALONE. We do not have it in us to keep going back and forth between Nathan and Lawrence.  We do not want to picture you, holding that baby pretending you had it. Sis, You do not want that old thang back! Just keep spending every waking minute with the rebound guy you told you love.