Keeping Up With Tori Nichel: Disrupter Of The Fashion Tech Space

Photo Cred: maisonblacknewyork

Committed to providing a platform for emerging and established Black designers to launch, showcase and grow their businesses. Tori Nichel marries her passion for fashion and purpose to serve the Black designer community. After establishing herself as an accomplished Senior Designer at Kenneth Cole, Tori Nichel flourished as Head Designer at Tibi.

Tori creates, Maison Black, an inclusive destination for Black creatives to be shopped and recognized for inspiring and leading global style. She intends to disrupt the fashion tech space by introducing immersive digital shopping experiences that inspires connectivity between the customer and the designer.

“I created Maison Black to build an ecosystem that fosters design excellence and creativity for Black designers. I want to create a destination for discovery where Black designed products are accessible globally.

Tori Nichel, Founder and Chief Creative
Officer of Maison Black

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tori Nichel, for an intimate conversation about her journey into the fashion industry. Tori accounts a few challenges she’s faced and shares details on her latest venture, Maison Black. Tune in for the conversation.

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