Recovery: My Life Story

 I know drugs tempt us every day. They’re all around us. I am gonna tell you how I stay away from drugs. How many of you have been influenced by a drug? 

  • Who influenced you?
  • Your friend?
  • Someone in your family?
  • A stranger?

Well, you’re not the only one that has happened to.

Some people I used to be friends with do drugs, but just because they do drugs doesn’t mean I have to. My grandma helps me stay strong and not get tempted. Even though my grandmother suffers from dementia today, she is still a role model to me. All her life, she was a hard worker and she is a smart woman. She always made sure everybody else was okay, never once thinking about herself. When I see me, I want to see her and all of her greatness in me. I want to be just like her once I grow up, and to do that I need to keep out of trouble.

When somebody offers you drugs, say no. Saying no is easier than you think. If you do drugs, you can end up in serious trouble. You can end up going to jail, or you can get in trouble with your parents or school. Just know what’s right in your heart and you will have the ability to say no.

Hanging out with the right crowd can help you stay away from drugs. If your friends try tempting you, they’re probably not good friends. Friends reflect who you are. I know I want to be held to high standards and with great respect.

Stay strong and don’t let drugs enter your life. You are a strong person and you can say no.

9th grader Allyssa Garcia has been in choir since she was in kindergarten. She has always participated in school activities and clubs, and she loves to write. Courtesy National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institute of Health